Pharmacies are places you can go to to buy medication, get your prescriptions and general medical advice.

Opening hours over the festive period

Pharmacies will be open their normal working hours except for 25th and 26th December and 1st January. Please check with your pharmacy for their opening hours on these days.

Find out what services pharmacies near you offer

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How do I get a prescription?

Some medications can only be purchased with a prescription from a GP or hospital. If you think you may need antibiotics or any other medication that requires a prescription, you need to make an appointment with your GP to get a prescription.

The GP will then give you a prescription you can take to a pharmacy to get your medication. Some prescriptions are free, but most have a flat rate charge of £9.35.

Can I take my prescription to any pharmacy?

If your GP gives you a prescription, you can take this to any local pharmacy. You may not be able to take this prescription to a hospital pharmacy.

If a hospital gives you a prescription, this prescription often is only valid at that hospital.

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Can I get help paying for prescriptions?

Yes. You can apply for a HC2 certificate, which helps you wish your healthcare costs. Please click here to make an application and you may be entitled to free prescriptions.

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Can I pay for my prescriptions monthly?

If you need multiple medications each month, you may wish to pay upfront for a prescription pre-payment certificate. This often works out cheaper if you need multiple prescriptions each month.

You can either pay upfront for 3 months (£30.25) or for a year (£108.10).

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How do I get a prescription and repeat prescription?

You can get a prescription from your GP Practice. Most of the time, you will need to have an appointment to be prescribed a new medication. Phone up your GP to ask them for help on how to get the medication you need.

To request a repeat prescription will need to request this at your GP Practice. Every GP Practice does this differently. You may need to:

  • Phone up the GP
  • Write a letter to the GP
  • Send them an email
  • Submit a request via an app

What other services do pharmacies offer?

Many of Newham’s pharmacies offer:

  • Sexual health advice
  • Free condoms
  • Stop smoking advice
  • General medical advice and guidance
  • Flu, COVID-19 and travel vaccinations
  • Free Vitamin D and Healthy Start Vitamins

Other pharmacies may also offer additional services.