Register with your GP

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What is a GP?

A GP is a local family doctor. You need to register with a GP even if you are not sick. This is because when you are sick, you will then be able to make an appointment with your GP easily. This is hard to do if you are not registered with a GP.

Anyone in Newham can register with a GP practice.

Why is it important to register with a GP practice?

It’s important to contact your local GP practice and register before you get ill so you can get help if you are ill in future.

How do I register for a GP?

Anyone can register with a GP. If you live in North East London, visit to register

To register, you can:

  • go to your local GP practice and talk to the receptionist who will help you with registering
  • do it online using the online form on the NHS website

Take a look at this NHS leaflet for more information on how to register.

What documents do I need to register for a GP practice?

It’s free to register and you do not need proof of address, immigration status, ID or an NHS number to register to a GP practice.

What services are there at GP practices?

Most GPs offer:

  • General appointments for you to talk about any health questions or concerns
  • The chance to get a prescription for medication you need
  • Advice on contraception and appointments to get a coil or implant fitted
  • Cervical screenings
  • Chlamydia and HIV screenings
  • NHS health checks for residents aged 50+
  • Minor surgical procedures

How much does it cost to see a GP?

It is completely free to register for a GP. It is also free to have an appointment with a GP.

If your GP says you need medication, they will give you a prescription that you can use at any local pharmacy. For more information about pharmacies, please click here.


How do I make an appointment with a GP?

Every GP Practice does this differently. When you register with your GP Practice, you can ask them how their practice books appointments. There may be a way of booking appointments online and / or on the telephone.

How do I see a GP at weekends or in the evenings?

If you are unable to make an appointment during the day, or would like to book an appointment after your GP is closed, you can now book an evening or weekend appointment through the Enhanced Access Service. The Enhanced Access service is available to all patients but works in different ways depending on which GP Practice you are registered with. 

Patients at the following practices can book evening and weekend appointments by ringing Newham Health Collaborative on 0203 839 7513 (Lines open 10am-8pm, 7 days a week) or by contacting their local GP practice:

  • Abbey Road MedicalPractice
  • Balaam Street Practice
  • Birchdale Road MedicalCentre
  • Boleyn Medical Centre
  • Carpenters Practice
  • Church Road Health
  • Claremont Clinic
  • Custom House Surgery
  • Dr CM Patel's Surgery
  • E7 Health
  • Essex Lodge Surgery
  • Lucas Avenue Practice
  • Glen Road Medical Centre
  • Greengate Medical Centre
  • Liberty Bridge Road Practice
  • Market Street Health Group
  • Newham Medical Centre
  • Newham Transitional Practice:Church Road
  • Newham Transitional Practice:Vicarage Lane
  • Plashet Road Medical Centre
  • Sangam Surgery
  • St Bartholomew's Surgery
  • St Luke's Medical Centre
  • Stratford Village Surgery
  • The Azad Practice
  • The Manor Park Centre
  • The Project Surgery
  • Westbury Road Medical Practice
  • The Vicarage Lane Surgery
  • Woodgrange Medical Practice

Patients at the following practices can book evening and weekend appointments by ringing Newham GP Coop on 0207 540 9949 (Lines open 24/7) or by contacting their local GP practice.

  • Plashet Harmony Practice
  • E12 Medical Centre
  • East End Medical Practice
  • Lathom Road Medical Centre
  • Newham Vicarage Practice
  • Shrewsbury Road Surgery
  • Stratford Health Centre
  • The Forest Practice
  • Upton Lane Medical Centre
  • Wordsworth Health Centre

Patients at the following GP practices can access morning, evening and Saturday appointments by contacting their practice directly:

  • E16 Health
  • Albert Road Practice: 0208 104 2222
  • Pontoon Dock Practice: 020 3040 0100
  • Royal Docks Medical Practice: 020 7511 4466
  • Tollgate Medical Centre: 020 7473 9399

How do I order a repeat prescription?

Every GP Practice does this differently. You may need to:

  • Phone the GP
  • Write a letter to the GP
  • Send them an email
  • Submit a request via an app

Call your GP practice to find out how to do this at your practice.

Need help to fill in the right forms?

If you need help to fill out your GP registration form, there are different organisations that can help you.

Find out what support is available on our Help Filling Out Forms page.