Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, meet new people and to learn a new skill.

There are many places in Newham where you can volunteer.

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Newham Council’s Volunteering Team

Newham Council’s Volunteering Team works hard with voluntary, community and faith groups to make sure there are many different types of ways you can volunteer in your local community.

To find out more about volunteering, please visit their website:

Volunteering in Newham – Newham Council

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Hear Angela's story

Angela was referred to Newham Volunteers via the Well Newham Directory of Services (powered by Joy) in April 2023 as she ‘would like to volunteer, help and meet new people’.

Her referral was accepted and she was encouraged to register as a Newham Volunteer, which she did in May 2023.

Newham Volunteers have worked with Angela for the last year and have promoted volunteering opportunities to her.

Over the last year, Angela has completed 79 hours of volunteering:

  • Joined 9 tea dances (59 hours of volunteering)
  • Attended 6 hours of Christmas lunches for elders the community 
  • Volunteered at the Newham half marathon and Magpie Project’s summer party (14 hours of volunteering).
  • Has encouraged her friends to sign up, who have also since become active volunteers. 

‘Thank you so much for supporting this opportunity - the organisers said that you were really helpful!’ – Magpie Summer Party

‘Thank you so much for your help at the Elders lunches, the residents had a brilliant time and your support at this time of year and always, is so appreciated’. – Christmas Elders Lunches

‘Everyone really enjoyed themselves- Great day. Lovely people.’ – Angela on her experience of the Newham Tea Dance

Hear Regis' story

Regis was referred to us in July 2023- looking for work so wanted to volunteer for skill and experience building. 

His referral was accepted and he was encouraged to register as a Newham Volunteer, which he did.

Newham Volunteers have worked with Regis for the last year and have promoted volunteering opportunities to him.

Over the last year, he joined a foodbank opportunity with carpenters and docklands centre and volunteered for 207 hours!

‘Happy days being useful!’ – Regis’ feedback on his volunteering

Hear Carelle's story

Carelle was referred to us in January 2024 - Carelle would like to have some more experience in the work place following time out of education and work after an accident. Carelle feels volunteering and getting some training opportunities would be the right place to start for her right now.

We have met with Carelle to discuss how we can support her and she is taking the steps to join opportunities now- including social media at NewVic college so she should begin her volunteer journey shortly.