Healthy Ageing

Connecting with others

Women doing a seated exercise class together, smiling

It’s really important to spend time with others, make friends and build a social and support network for yourself in your local community.

Help Getting Online

Person scrolling social media

We are in a world where most things you need to do are now online. If you can use a computer, browse the internet and fill out online forms, this will help you to be able to do more practical things on your own.

Free vitamin D for residents 60+

A person holding out a vitamin to to take

Newham residents aged 60 or over are eligible for free vitamin D supplements to help you stay healthy. This is because it can be harder for people aged 60 and over to get enough vitamin D.

Learning new skills

Two people doing craft together

Learning a new skill is a great way to challenge yourself, keep your mind active and to meet new people.

Help filling out forms

Person filling out a paper form

Forms can be difficult to fill out. If you need help filling forms, take a look at all the support on offer in Newham.

Planning Ahead

Elderly mother and middle aged daughter talking

Planning ahead for our future care and for after our death is something all of us can do to make sure we can share our wishes with our loved ones.

Ageing Well Strategy

Man and woman walking together in the rain with their umbrellas up

We want Newham to be a place where everyone can age well.

Keeping Active

Man is doing an exercise activity on a mat in a park

Help reduce your risk of health problems, feel better, happier and less stressed.

Become an age friendly employer

Two women sat together talking as if in a meeting

Sign the pledge today and start your journey to becoming an age friendly employer.