Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health.

Stopping smoking will reduce your risk of developing serious illnesses, such as heart disease, breathing conditions and cancer, so you can live a longer healthier life.

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Did you know that you're up to 4 times more likely to quit with expert help and advice?

Take a look at the support services below to find the right way of quitting for you.

If you wish to speak to an adviser, please call 020 7882 8230.

You can text, calls and WhatsApp on 07474 082330.

Quit Well Newham Stop Smoking Service

Man doing a breath test as part of a Stoptober event

Quit Well Newham can provide Newham residents with free advice and support to quit. The service is run by Queen Mary University of London who have many years’ experience in delivering stop smoking services.

Face-to-face support is available at a location near you. Support is available in English, Bengali, Urdu, Gujrati and Lithuanian. BSL Support is also available.

Stop Smoking Support in Pharmacies

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Many pharmacies in Newham offer support to quit smoking. Treatments are free if you are entitled to free prescriptions, otherwise you will need to pay a prescription charge.

Get support from a Health & Wellbeing Coach at your GP practice

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Health & Wellbeing Coaches work in GP practices and are part of the NHS. They are here to give you extra support to achieve your health goals, such as stopping smoking, losing weight or being more active.

Swap to Stop scheme - Free vaping bundle

A regulated vape bundle set you can get as part of the Swap to Stop scheme

Get support to stop smoking using the Swap to Stop scheme. Enter your details to get a free vaping bundle to last you 8 weeks.

Find out more about vaping

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Find out about vaping, the risks and how to get support to quit.

Read Shahjahan's story

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Shahjahan holding a carbon monoxide monitor

Shahjahan was referred to Quit Well Newham by staff from Newham University Hospital due to concerns about his health. The hospital encouraged him to take the first step to quit smoking. 

Prior to joining Quit Well Newham he was smoking 6 cigarettes a day. Since receiving support from Shajue (Quit Well Newham Advisor) he has been successful with his quit attempt. He has been smokefree for 4 months and counting! His main reason to quit was to improve his health. 

"My clothes no longer smell of cigarettes, I can taste food better, I noticed after I stopped smoking my smell and taste improved. I also stopped buying cigarettes which helped me stay away from using them." 

Shahajahan benefitted from the support he received from Quit Well Newham, adding:

"It's an excellent service, it was easy to access, receiving free stop smoking medications was really helpful. If I had any concerns, Shajue was readily available for appointments. She is very approachable and a trustworthy person. The way she communicates, her advice and follow up calls supported me on my journey to quit." 

10 self-help tips for quitting

The NHS has compiled this helpful list of 10 tips that you can try.

Targeted lung health checks

A Lung Heath Check is offered free to people aged 55-74 who have ever smoked, as part of the national NHS Targeted Lung Health Check Programme. It finds out how well your lungs are working and aims to rule out any serious conditions. Often, early problems with the lungs do not cause any symptoms, so it is important to attend even if you are fit and healthy.