Help getting online

We are in a world where most things you need to do are now online. If you can use a computer, browse the internet and fill out online forms, this will help you to be able to do more practical things on your own. 

Find support to improve your computer skills and get online

Many people have friends, children and family members to help them with any technology problems or questions they have, but if you don’t have anyone to help you with technology, or you wish to learn how to use a computer, there are many places in Newham you can go to learn about this for free. 

Free library courses

Newham libraries offers digital skills sessions using Learn My Way, this includes group sessions and 1:1 support. All libraries also offer free internet and public access PCs for library members. You can call up, visit your local library to access digital support or take a look at the library website events calendar to sign up.

Barclays Digital Wings e-learning platform

Alternatively, you can use the new Barclays Digital Wings platform to take part in online e-learning to help you to build digital skills and stay safe online. Click here to visit the platform (use the code: Newham).

People Need People

Join Frames of Mind's new programme where you can connect with your community and learn how to use your phone or tablet. Find out more here.

Find all the free training you can join in Newham

Free SIM cards for low income households

Newham Libraries are now part of The National Databank network which offers free SIM cards provided by O2, Three and Vodafone. To use this scheme, all you need is a phone that is unlocked and can work with any of these providers. 

To access the scheme, you must:

  • Be over 18
  • A Newham residents

Plus, at least one of these statements must be true:

  • Have no access or not very good access to the internet at home
  • Have no or not very good access to the internet when away from the home
  • Not be able to afford their existing monthly contract or top up

Please visit your local library for more information.

Public computers and Wi-Fi access

All Newham libraries offer free internet and public access PCs for library members. Contact your local library for more information

Staying safe from scams

Help with online admin

If you or someone you know needs help doing online shopping, setting up an email account or doing life admin, please contact Guardian Angels for support. The first hour of this service is free and then the team will organise support in line with your budget.

Make a referral to their service here.

Help filling out forms

Sometimes you know what support you need, but getting the support can be a little difficult if you have to fill out online forms or complicated applications. These services can help you with form filling if you need it.