Well Newham Directory of Services (powered by Joy)

The Well Newham team are currently leading on the roll out of a new health and wellbeing service directory for Newham. This directory is called the Well Newham Directory of Services, which is powered by a platform called Joy.

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How do you sign up your service to be on the directory?

Need help using the directory?

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Please contact wellnewham@newham.gov.uk to request support or training.

What is the purpose of the new directory?

The new directory aims to

  • List all the services on offer to Newham residents across the voluntary, community and faith sector, NHS, Council and private services into one easy to access place for everyone to use.
  • Make it easier for residents and people working in Newham to find local services.
  • Make it easier to make referrals into local services.
  • Give us great data on residents' wellbeing needs, gaps in service provision, demand on different services and much more.

What has been achieved so far?

  • All of Newham's GPs and social prescribers are using the platform to make referrals into other Newham services.
  • GPs and social prescribers now use the platform to make over 1000 referrals a month between them.
  • Residents are now using the platform to make self-referrals.
  • Many frontline teams in the Council have been trained to use the platform to refer residents on their behalf to services on the platform.
  • We now have over 400 services listed on the directory to connect residents into.

How will the platform benefit your service?

  1. It makes it easier for residents to find your service, increasing the visibility of your service.
  2. The platform helps you to reduce the number of inappropriate referrals you receive.
  3. The platform also acts as a social prescribing software and enables social prescribers and GPs to refer residents to your service if you accept referrals. Residents can also self-refer themselves to your service.
  4. The platform gives you comprehensive analytics on the volumes and outcomes of referrals to your service, enabling you to more easily evidence outcomes.
  5. It is completely free for you to use and be a part of.

Who uses the platform to make referrals?

  • GPs and social prescribers use it to make all their referrals outside of the NHS (they make over 1000 referrals a month between them on the platform) 
  • Residents use the platform to find locals services and can self-refer
  • Frontline colleagues use it to refer residents on their behalf

Do services have to take referrals?

No, you can turn on or off your referral pathway at any time, or simply be a signpost. You can also choose to accept self-referrals, referrals from professionals, or both!
You can also embed your existing referral forms if you have one.

Can the platform also reduce the number of inappropriate referrals you get?

Yes it can. The primary function of the platform is to reduce the number of inappropriate referrals services receive. It also helps you to make your referral pathways more efficient for you and for people referring into your service.

Is it just a Newham platform?

No, it’s nationwide, but you filter by location to find relevant services for you and the people you work with. If you offer services wider than Newham, you can advertise those too!