Personalised Care

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What is personalised care?

Personalised care is a fancy term for when people have choice and control about the way their care is planned and delivered. 

The types of people that work in personalised care can be called lots of different names, including Social Prescribers, Care Coordinators, Community Connectors, Community Neighbourhood Link Workers, Care Navigators, Health and Wellbeing Coaches and many more.

Personalised care is based on what's important to you and interesting to you. For example, if you're looking to exercise more and you're a big football fan, a Social Prescriber may help you to find a local football club to join if that is what you would like.

This page is here to help you to find what support is available to you and what the different personalised care roles in Newham do.

Social Prescribing Link Workers

A group of social prescribers at a stall at a community event smilling together

Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLWs) work in GP practices and are part of the NHS. SPLWs are here to help you with non-health related problems, such as loneliness, housing and money.

Well Newham Hubs

Well Newham Advisor talking to a resident at a Well Newham Hub

The Well Newham Advisors can help connect you with all the health and wellbeing support you need, as well as developing a personalised wellbeing action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Health & Wellbeing Coaches

Woman chopping up fruit in the kitchen smiling

Health & Wellbeing Coaches work in GP practices and are part of the NHS. They are here to give you extra support to achieve your health goals, such as stopping smoking, losing weight or being more active.

Care Navigators

Doctor in a white coat writing on a clipboard

Care Navigators are based in East Ham Care Centre and are part of the NHS. They are here to help people with more complex health and care needs, such as people who have just been discharged from hospital or who are unable to leave their home.

Community Connectors

Person holding a fabric heart

The Community Connectors programme is in partnership with Community Links, Aston Mansfield, MindTHNR and East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT). We are committed to supporting people in Newham experiencing mental ill health to thrive within their communities.

Community Neighbourhood Link Workers

Photo of the Community Neighbourhood Link Workers team sat together in a hall in front of a yellow balloon arch

Community Neighbourhood Link Workers work as part of Newham Council's Adult Social Care team. They are here to support people who are lonely and / or isolated to find and access services in the community to improve their wellbeing.

Care Coordinators

People having an appointment sat together

Care Coordinators are based in GP practices and are part of the NHS. This team works with people with multiple long term health conditions or older people who need extra support to live independently. 

Other teams who may be able to support residents you work with

There are other teams who work with specific communities of residents who may be able to support with signposting and advocating for residents you work with. Find out more about these teams below.

Welcome Newham team support for refugees and people seeking asylum

For anyone in Newham who is an asylum seeker or refugee, family, friends or host. Can provide: free advice, support and answer questions on how to get help for health, money, food, jobs and housing. Cannot help with: individual cases, case work or immigration status or advice.

Family Hubs

Residents speaking to a Family Navigator at a community event

Family navigators are here to help with:
Signposting you and your family to services, offers and opportunities
Connecting you to support you need, when you need it
Supporting you to feel confident in accessing services
Translation - all of our Navigators speak a second language, we also have connections to language translation and interpreter services
Having a regular presence in key community settings

Frailty and Proactive Care

We are now offering this service to residents with moderate and severe frailty registered to certain GP practices in Newham.