Healthy Body

How can I keep my body healthy?

Our website is filled with advice, guidance and links to services that can help you stay healthy. 


An older couple are cooking together with a younger lady who is helping them in the kitchen

Eating healthy food is an important part of having a healthy body and can help you feel better.

Keeping Active

Man is doing an exercise activity on a mat in a park

Help reduce your risk of health problems and help yourself feel better, happier and less stressed.

Winter Wellness

Snow covering a park. A lady standing on a path walking her dog in the snow.

Find out how to stay healthy during the colder months.

Health checks and screenings

A female doctor checking a patients blood pressure

Find out the importance and benefits of going for regular health checks and screenings.


Older woman doing chair based exercise

Find out how to recognise signs of a stroke and what you can do to prevent it.


someone doing a diabetes blood sugar test

Learn more about the different types of diabetes and what you can do to prevent or manage it effectively.

Stop smoking

Man doing a breath test as part of a Stoptober event

Stopping smoking is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health. Find help and advice to help you stop smoking.

Free vitamin D for residents 60+

A person holding out a vitamin to to take

Newham residents aged 60 or over are eligible for free vitamin D supplements to help you stay healthy. This is because it can be harder for people aged 60 and over to get enough vitamin D.

Blood Pressure

Find out how to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level and where to go to get free checks.

Sexual Health

Person holding up condoms

Find out about where you can get free STI testing and contraception.

Drugs and Alcohol

Woman drinking at a bar

Taking drugs and drinking alcohol can be dangerous.

These pages will help give you the information you need to stay safe and will tell you where you can go to get help if you need it.