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You can self-refer to any of the below free programmes to lose weight and get active. 

On this page, you can read about other residents' stories and their experiences of the programmes, as well as find out more about the programmes on offer and how to sign up.

Free help to lose weight - Live Well Newham

Losing weight can help you to feel happier, more confident and can drastically improve your health. And now Newham residents can get free help to lose weight today.

Live Well Newham is a 12-week weight management programme that achieves long-term behaviour change with personalised support combining: 

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Psychology

What’s included in the programme? – Access to our WellbeingWay app – Free group sessions (currently held virtually due to COVID-19) – Online learning – Tailored webinars, blogs and podcasts – Cooking and nutrition demonstrations – Frequent contact with a coach.

Click here to self-refer yourself to the programme.

Free help for families to eat healthily - Healthy Futures Healthy Lifestyle Programme for Families

The Healthy Futures programme is a fun learning opportunity to engage the whole family in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and explore how to incorporate healthy eating and moving more into everyday life.

This free programme includes 12 weekly fun, interactive sessions for parents/carers and children.

All of the sessions are run by qualified health coaches who will support you on your journey.  

Click here to self-refer yourself to the programme.

Read Maksuda's story

Woman is standing on a bridge in the sun wearing a summer hat and sun glasses

"During the Covid lockdown, I had gained weight due to lack of activity but after 3 months of attending the session, my weight reduced from 66kg to 60kg and clothes size reduced from 16-18 to 12-14. My blood glucose is also now stable as I wanted to avoid any medication."

Read Yvette's story

“I found the simple exercises help us to move and create better habits useful."

Read Mr C Mahmood's story

"Since the programme, I have increased my exercise, including strength training in my schedule. I also asked my wife to reduce the amount of oil we put in our curries and to give me smaller portions. I have also started eating more vegetables. I lost 5kg on the programme and feel healthier."

Read Sonia's story

Woman in a headscarf smiling at the camera

"In 12 weeks, I lost 5kg, dropped a dress size and feel much more energetic. I’ve seen more positive results in these 12 weeks than I did in 2 years! The reason I have managed to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off, is because the programme has a holistic approach."

Read Gema's story

"It is definitely worth attending – every week is different and tackles a different aspect of our eating problems. It helped me so much to improve my lifestyle. There is so much support and back up materials, you don’t feel alone in your learning."

Read Abdur's story

"The Coach supported me to increase my walking. Now, I take the bus or train to a location (e.g., supermarket) and then I walk back home."

Read Yasra's story

"There are not many language specific programs out there for us. It was not only the language but also the advice being tailored to our cultural diets. For example, to help with portion sizes for chapatis, one piece of advice was to weigh the
dough ball."

Read Maz's story

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"In terms of body measurement, I’ve lost approximately 6.5kgs since the start of the programme but the main thing for me was that I got a better understanding of the scale. I also notice that my tummy is not bloating anymore, and my digestive system has improved quite a lot since changing the diet. My clothes are too big now, so I need to purchase new ones!"

Read Hala's story

“I feel encouraged to come to sessions and make changes.”